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So. I got off my lazy butt and posted these dang icons.

>>FFAC x34
x4 Aeris
x2 AerisxCloud
x13 Cloud
x2 Cloud vs Sephiroth
x2 Jenova
x1 Lifestream
x3 Mako
x7 Marlene

>>D.Gray-man x12
x11 Allen
x1 Road Kamelot

>Don't hotlink.
>Please credit.
>Don't edit if it's not textless. AND, if you do edit the textless ones... show me! I wanna see~ *reaches for them*

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Kanjani8 || infinite
Sorry for not you know... updating AT ALL. I haveth no interwebs at the moment and it makes me sad. BUT! In my exile, I have made a few banners and such. Mostly D.Gray-man, I think there's a Fruits Basket one in there, but hey. Whatever works. Oh! And I have a new banner for here~

Rules: Just don't forget to credit, no hotlinking, and pweeeeeeeeeease, when you put them on Photobucket or a pic hosting site, make the title 'loveeandpeacee' because I'm a friggin credit whore so that no one steals them.

x1 Fruits Basket
x1 Road Kamelot
x4 Allen Walker

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Kanjani8 || infinite
Jul-28th-2007 05:10 am - SHnY/TMoHS
A small dump of icons from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu).

> Credit either me, loveeandpeacee, or this community, handmaderainbow. When you upload them into your userpics, under comment put the code < lj user = "loveeandpeacee" > , except without the spaces.
> Don't write on them. And textless does not mean base!
> I prefer it if you don't take them off of LJ.
> Comment telling me which ones you liked and are taking~
> Enjoy~!

1 | Asakura Ryoko
1 | Koizumi Itsuki
1 | Asahina Mikuru
2 | Nagato Yuki
2 | Haruhi x Kyon
2 | Kyon
5 | Suzumiya Haruhi
14 | Icons Total

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Kanjani8 || infinite
Jul-27th-2007 02:48 pm - a previous icon post
I went back through my journal to check and get the links of any icon posts that were in there.

And I found one~


There you go.

Kanjani8 || infinite
Why hello thar.
This is my community for me to post any graphics/icons that I feel like making.
There aren't any icons in here yet because it's still under a bit of construction - I'm working on things like making a layout and stuff for it.

So go ahead, if you've found me now, just watch me and see if you like the icons I make!


Oh yess... if you've got any requests, I can try to make graphics and such specifically for you. I don't have a lot of stuff other than anime to take screenshots of, so if you want to know if I've got an anime you want in your bannerthingsuch, just check my interests on my personal LJ.

That's all for now, enjoy my icons once they're up.
Kanjani8 || infinite
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